Behrouyan Ambulance service

Behrouyan Ambulance Center is the oldest, founded in 1976, Ambulance service in Iran. By advancement of technology and accessibility to the internet and web, Behrouan company decides to utilize this environment to make it easer for its clients to access this company. This company also by the use of web have made a way for the clients to communicate before and after their service more efficient with this company. In the future the ability of their website will increase. Also we are collaborating to make a useful app to give service to blind people, deaf people, and other people with disabilities, most important part is making a way for them to request the service promtly when they need. Its services include

  • reside ambulance in defernet environment for emergency service
  • carry patient to all portion of Iran
  • Air medical srvice
  • send patients who need oversees medical service to all around the world
  • NICU, Neonatal intensive care unit
  • give Ambulance and emergency service to sport complexes with competent nurses and doctors
  • Give service to hospitals to transfer patients with medical force



project manager: Mansour Aminilari

lead programmer: Amir Kariminejad

Collaborator's website: Hadafcode

type:       company website

client:       Behrouyan Ambulance Center

year:       2019

programed by:       PHP     Laravel    

collaborators:       Hadafcode

attributes:       Company website with admin panel, ability to manage content of website, SEO by hadafcode a member of Webouj group