Shadleen Selling Entertainment System

Shadleen Is the first Online Entertainment Sysetm In Iran. Shadleen has started to provide entertainment with lower price and highest discount. Shadleen has started its service form kish island and has plans to expnad its service to other cities in Iran and event in the other countries and cities like Dubai. One of the short-term goals of shadleen is providing entertainments in  the most metropolitan areas and big cities in Iran. From initiation, Shadleen has obtained two main benefits for users which are reduction of entertainment prices ana being informative for its users, tourists and citizens. It has also a B to B service for travel agencies to buy and provide entertainment cheaper and with higher qualities to their customers. Hadfcode, a member of weboj, is in the charge of SEO service for Shadleen. In this way is cooperating with FANA which is one of the oldest and well-liked programming company in Iran.

Shadleen Web Address: 

type:       SEO

client:       Aftab Parvaz Kish

year:       2020

programed by:       PHP    

collaborators:       FANA

attributes:       Correction of SEO in Programming Structure, Make SEO Friendly text content, Examine competitors and giving strategies according to them, Marketing